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More than 20 years in the trade

Our Sales Manager, Mr Marcus Jones, started buying vehicles in Japan in 1993 when he had a fine mop of dark curly hair. This has unfortunately burned off from decades of thinking hard about his customer's requirements.

Global expertise with a local perspective

Being a Kiwi means Marcus understands New Zealand market conditions and vehicle requirements. He has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that you receive quality vehicles. Compliable with minimal expense or hassle, and be readily saleable.

Local shipping & accounts support

We maintain a shipping and accounts support office in Taupo, New Zealand. From there we can assist you with all issues related to payments, shipping and documentation.

Happy customers

Hi Marcus,

I have now received my car and got it complied and registered.

It is an excellent example and drives superbly, thanks for your efforts in getting me such a good car.

Best regards, Malcolm Butler

Malcolm Butler in Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Marcus. Picked up the Outlander and very pleased. It is like a new car.Has veryfancy tow bar are fitted. Most unusual for Japan as I know they are very strict on towing.
Great buy
Many thanks

John Derbidge, New Zealand

Hello Marcus,
I have received the car and had it serviced. We are very happy with the purchase and would like to thank you for the excellent choice you made!!

Hopefully we can do it again one day!

Kind Regards


Paul Heath, New Zealand

your Vanette Hi Roof just rocked up the drive way , very nice unit , Thank You , Bill

Bill, August Autos, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Marcus

Just wanted to say thanks :) My car arrived last week, its all warranted & registered :)
I just love it !!


Nicola Crisp, New Zealand

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Contact Marcus to learn more about the comprehensive service we provide and to discuss your vehicle requirements.

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