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Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

 Market:  New Zealand
 Auction Grade:  4B
 Chassis:  8XCAX

2012 Brown 147,503 kms

2WD 1400cc FAT 3 door Hatchback

Options:  Steering wheel switches, Fog lights, Service records available, Paddle Shift, Original Alloy Wheels.

Mazda Bongo

 Market:  Kenya
 Auction Grade:  3.5BB
 Chassis:  SKP2V

2012/8 White 149,826 kms

2WD 1800cc petrol CAT 5 door Van

Options:  Power windows, Normal rear floor, Fog lights, Highroof, Single rear wheels.
Comments:  Small dents on rear doors and right sill, a good condition van.

Toyota Corolla Runx X HID Selection

 Market:  New Zealand
 Auction Grade:  4B
 Chassis:  NZE121

2005 Silver 38,116 kms

2WD 1500cc FAT 5 door Hatchback

Options:  Rear Spoiler, One Owner, Black cloth trim.
Comments:  Front bumper scuffs, Rear bumper scratches, A couple of parking dimples and A1 marks, Small dimple on the roof. Small dent LR guard.

Toyota Mark X Zio 240F

 Market:  New Zealand
 Auction Grade:  4CC
 Chassis:  ANA10

2008 Silver 54,771 kms

2WD 2400cc AT 5 door Stationwagon

Options:  Rear Spoiler, Fog lights, Mirror Indicators, 7 Seats, Black cloth trim, Original Alloy Wheels.
Comments:  RR bumper corner scratched, Small bumper scuffs. Very small scratches on left side doors, rear hatch and RR guard, a good condition TAA car.

Toyota Prius S

 Market:  New Zealand
 Auction Grade:  3.5CC
 Chassis:  ZVW30

2014 White 99,043 kms

2WD 1800cc AT 5 door Hachback

Options:  Steering wheel switches, Push Start Button, Smart key, Fog lights, Mirror Indicators, Black cloth trim.

Toyota Voxy Trans X

 Market:  New Zealand
 Auction Grade:  4CC
 Chassis:  AZR60G

2006 Pearl 94,203 kms

2WD 2000cc AT 5 door Coach

Options:  Rear Spoiler, Fog lights, 5 seats, Black cloth trim.
Comments:  Minor bumper marks, Small dimple on the roof. Dimples on LF fender and rear hatch, very small scratch RR door, a good condition TAA van.

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