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  • About AutoSupply Japan
  • About AutoSupply Japan

About Marcus & AutoSupply Japan

Who am I?

I grew up the son of a car dealer in Taupo, (Ted Jones Mazda & GM), and worked in retail there and in Tauranga in the early 90s. In 1995 I moved to Japan where my father and I launched a vehicle export company in Yokohama in partnership with Japanese family friends. We remain in partnership with the Sato family until this day and continue to export vehicles together.

What I believe in doing.

What I believe in doing is making myself as useful as possible to dealers who are too busy focusing on their own customers and effectively managing their business to be spending a lot of time looking though Japanese auction listings. I have the model and market knowledge and the Japanese language ability to do this work for you more efficiently.

Consequently, this website not an unfiltered portal into the entire Japanese auction network but is a curated attempt to make myself maximally useful to you so that you can save time and achieve better buying results.

What I want to achieve.

I seek to work with good quality, honest dealers who likewise want to deal with someone who is diligent and hard working, and who shares a passion for good quality, straight vehicles.

I have always sought to build long term relationships and friendships with our customers based on the belief that business is always stronger and more durable when based on solid human relationships between people who are working together for their mutual benefit.

If your philosophy is the same, please contact me and I will do my utmost to make myself useful to you and your business.