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New Zealand

Background and experience

I grew up the son of a car dealer in Taupo, (Ted Jones Mazda & GM), and worked in retail there and in Tauranga in the early 90s. In 1995 I moved to Japan where my father and I launched a vehicle export company in Yokohama in partnership with Japanese family friends. We remain in partnership with the Sato family until this day and continue to export vehicles together.

How we source vehicles

I buy vehicles from Japanese dealers and from trade vehicle auctions. I can access any auction in Japan and can have vehicles physically inspected at any auction in Japan.

Vehicle inspections

After buying vehicles we transport them to a garage near the closest port where they are re-inspected and we take approximately 30-40 photos of the exterior, interiors, underbody, all sales points and any damage. These photos are then uploaded into your account for your approval.


We have long established relationships with many forwarders and shipping companies serving NZ ports. In particular we use the “door to door”, all inclusive services of Moana Blue and Autohub

To assist you with shipping, importation and payment matters we also have an office in Taupo, New Zealand.

Stock management

Our website is integrated with Motorcentral's DMS vehicle management system. If you use Motorcentral for your stock management we will provide you with a token which will enable Motorcentral to integrate your account in our website with their system.


Although we don’t offer vendor financing ourselves, we can recommend you to Moana Blue, and their finance packages covering FOB and freight costs. Please contact me for more details about this.

Character referrals

If you would like character referrals from our existing dealer customers in your region, please contact me and I will provide those.


I understand very well the potential compliance pitfalls in New Zealand and the condition standard that Kiwi customers demand. I take great care to avoid buying vehicles that will cause our customers unwelcome hassle and expense. Inevitably problems can occur however and in such cases I will always stand behind the vehicles I have supplied.