Vehicles In Stock

More than 90% of our buying is for customer’s orders so we usually carry very limited stock. However, I do buy a small number of very nice vehicles to display for sale. Please view those here and contact me if interested.

Nissan Leaf X

 Market:  New Zealand
 Auction Grade:  4.5A
 Chassis:  ZE1

2019 Grey 4,439 kms

2WD EV CVT 5 door Hatchback

Options:  Rear Camera, Skirts, Pro pilot, Parking Sonar, Black cloth trim, Original Alloy Wheels.
Comments:  A couple of parking dimples and A1 marks, Very good condition.

Nissan Leaf e + X

 Market:  New Zealand
 Auction Grade:  4B
 Chassis:  ZE1

2019 Grey 9,428 kms

2WD EV FAT 5 door Hatchback

Options:  Black cloth trim, Original Alloy Wheels.